If you need carpet adhesives to stick down grippers, or tape to join the seams of carpet underlay, look no further than British Flooring.

We have a variety of carpet glues, adhesive sprays and tapes to choose from. So, why not check out the collection below and make sure your new underlay and grippers are fitted quickly, professionally and securely?

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Adhesives to suit all types of flooring

While there are several types of flooring adhesive on the market today, some are better suited to certain floors than others.

For example, spray carpet adhesives are an excellent choice for carpeting, upholstery and furniture. Used to secure underlay in place – preventing any movement when fitting your new carpet – the Royale spray adhesive also reduces movement once the installation is complete.

Tape is another type of flooring adhesive that can be used for carpet, wood and laminate underlays – securing the joints of underlay when placed side by side on the subfloor. For use with Royale underlay for hardwood floors, the moisture-proof Royale Barrier Pro X tape is ideal and will prevent movement, whereas the Carpet Underlay joining tape is suitable for all underlays and will eliminate ridges in your carpet.

And lastly, when it comes to adding those all-important finishing touches – such as carpet grippers – you can’t go wrong with a gripper adhesive. This one is powerful and quick-setting and provides a permanent bond within 25 minutes!

What are the advantages of using flooring adhesive?

Our fantastic range of carpet adhesives are specially designed to keep your carpet and underlay in place and as straight and bump-free as possible. As well as this, they are:

  • safe and easy to use
  • long-lasting
  • guaranteed to deliver a professional finish
  • available to purchase for an affordable price

Enquire about carpet adhesive today

If you would like to know more about the carpet adhesives we have in stock, or for expert advice on how to use such products, you’re more than welcome to get in touch.

Our team is always happy to help and will provide you with everything you need to know. So, call us on 0203 325 9082 or send an email to, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Alternatively, if you already know which of our carpet adhesives you need and are ready to order, simply click ‘add to basket’ and proceed to checkout. It’s as simple as that.

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  • Multi Tak Spray Adhesive

    Allrounder Multi Tak Spray Adhesive 500ml Can

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  • Carpet Underlay Bonding Tape

    Carpet Underlay Bonding Tape

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  • Gripper Adhesive - a MUST when glueing Carpet Gripper

    Gripper Adhesive – a MUST when glueing Carpet Gripper

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  • Royale Barrier Pro X Tape - British Flooring

    Royale® – Barrier Pro X Tape

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  • Royale™ Adhesive Carpet Spray

    Spray Carpet Adhesive

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  • Wilsons Bonding Tape

    Underlay Joining Tape – Wilsons Bonding Tape

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What is the best adhesive for my flooring?

With so many products on the market to choose from, knowing which adhesive is right for your new flooring can be tricky. That’s where the team at British Flooring can help. If you’re fitting new carpets, you can’t go wrong with a spray adhesive. This can be used to secure the underlay – preventing any unwanted movement and ensuring your carpet stays in place for years to come. Tape is also great for securing underlay joints, providing a smooth finish and reducing ridges in your carpet. We typically recommend a polyurethane-based glue for wood and laminate flooring installations, including vinyl floors. This type of flooring adhesive has low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which makes it suitable for large-scale applications. Joining tape can also be used with wood and laminate underlays, ensuring a secure fit to the subfloor. For help choosing the right adhesive for your flooring, just give us a call on 0203 325 9082

Is adhesive expensive?

The price you’ll pay for flooring adhesive can vary, depending on the quality of the product and the size of your room. For example, a top-quality product from a renowned brand, such as Royale®, is bound to cost you more than one that’s made from cheaper materials. Likewise, the larger your room is, the more underlay you’ll need – meaning that you’ll need more adhesive, too. The good news is that, here at British Flooring, we pride ourselves on offering some of the most competitive prices around. That means you can buy fantastic adhesives via our website without spending a fortune. So, why not take a closer look at the products we stock? Choose the most suitable option for your flooring and budget.

How long does floor adhesive take to dry?

Different adhesives have different curing times, so it’s always worth reading the label before you walk on your newly fitted floors. Other factors that influence drying times include the temperature within the room and humidity levels. The great thing about our flooring adhesives, here at British Flooring, is that they don’t take long to dry at all. You can stick our joining tapes down in minutes, ready to apply the final covering over the top of the underlay quickly. Spray adhesives, on the other hand, take little more than 30 seconds to set.

Why should I choose British Flooring’s adhesives?

Here at British Flooring, we supply only the best quality adhesives for all flooring types – including spray adhesives for carpet tiles, felt-back carpets, underlays, and vinyl tiles, and barrier tape that is compatible with all underlay types. As with all the products we stock, you can purchase our flooring adhesive for a competitive price via our website. We also provide next day delivery for orders placed before 2pm, meaning you won’t need to wait long for your items to arrive. If you’re unsure which adhesive to choose for your flooring, or you have a question about the products we supply, you’re welcome to contact our team. Either give us a call on 0203 325 9082 or email, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.