LVT Underlay

Need an underlay for your luxury vinyl tile flooring? Well, look no further than our collection of LVT underlay here at British Flooring.

Though frequently overlooked as an optional extra, underlay is fundamental to the longevity of your gorgeous flooring. Although all floors are partial to wear and tear, the right underlay will ensure underfoot comfort and could potentially increase the lifespan of your flooring by up to 50%!

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The best underlays for LVT flooring

Perhaps one of the biggest appeals to luxury vinyl tiles is that they simply click into place, requiring no gluing or sticking. However, over time, the tiles could move.

Investing in LVT underlay – and ensuring it’s fitted correctly – will prevent any unwanted movement, holding the tiles securely in place.

Underlays for LVT have excellent acoustic properties. Made from high-density foam, they effectively absorb impact sound, which is great if you live in an apartment or flat and want to keep disturbances to a minimum.

With LVT flooring underlay, you essentially add an extra layer between the tiles and subfloor. This not only provides more cushioning but helps to retain heat – giving your room a cosier feel.

The best underlay for LVT will also provide moisture protection. This will reduce the risk of moisture accumulating beneath the tiles and causing them to lift, curl or crack.

Order LVT underlay online

Here at British Flooring, we supply a comprehensive range of underlays for carpet and laminate floors, but we are delighted to stock LVT underlays too.

Available in a choice of roll sizes, thicknesses, tog ratings, and comfort ratings – and priced competitively – we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect LVT flooring underlay for your needs and budget.

Simply browse the range of products below and click through for more information. Once you’ve decided which underlay is best for your LVT flooring, check your measurements, adjust the quantity, and add it to your basket.

At the checkout, you’ll then have the option of 24 or 48-hour delivery. We provide next day delivery for orders made before 2pm, so if you need LVT underlay in a hurry, make sure you purchase in plenty of time.

In terms of paying for underlay, we accept most debit and credit cards as well as PayPal.

Get in touch

Got a question about LVT flooring underlay? Not sure which product is most suitable for your luxury vinyl tile flooring? Perhaps you’re unsure about fitting LVT underlay?

Whatever it may be, the team at British Flooring is always on hand to help and will be more than happy to assist.

To speak with an expert over the phone, give us a call on 0203 325 9082. Alternatively, you can email or send us an online message via our contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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  • 2mm Acoustic Vinyl Click Underlay Sample

    2mm Acoustic Vinyl Click LVT Flooring Underlay 15m2 Roll

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  • LVT Acoustic Vinyl Click Underlay Sample

    LVT Acoustic Vinyl Click Underlay 10m x 1m Roll

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  • Thermo Pro X Underfloor Heating Underlay Sample

    Thermo Pro X – Underfloor Heating Underlay for Vinyl Click, Wood or Laminate Flooring

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  • Arbiton Secura LVT

    Arbiton Secura Luxury Vinyl Click Underlay

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Do I need LVT underlay?

Vinyl floors typically have a base layer that’s exceptionally durable and comfortable to walk on, meaning they don’t require an underlay. However, click system vinyl flooring (LVT) will need an underlay of some sort.

It’s worth noting that LVT underlay has a number of beneficial properties that make it a worthwhile investment. For example, it can reduce impact and airborne noise, withstand heavy footfall, and improve how your floor looks, feels, and wears.

LVT underlay will help to increase the longevity of the flooring itself, too, helping you to save money on expensive repairs and upgrades.

Is LVT underlay easy to install?

Although the installation instructions may differ slightly depending on the product you choose, LVT underlay is straightforward to fit beneath vinyl floors.

For the most part, you’ll simply lay the underlay flat on top of the subfloor, and use Barrier Pro X tape to join the seams to prevent any unwanted movement and moisture.

If you’re unsure how LVT underlay should be installed, or you need an expert opinion, don’t hesitate to contact the team at British Flooring.

We’re always on hand to help and will be more than happy to guide and advise you, ensuring you not only choose the most suitable underlayment for your vinyl click system, but that you also install it correctly.

How much does LVT underlay cost?

It’s difficult to provide an exact figure for LVT underlay, as no two floors are the same and different manufacturers price their products differently.

The good news is that our vinyl underlays are available for as little as £55.50 per roll (excluding delivery) and are super simple to install. When you purchase underlay from British Flooring, you can trust that you’ll receive maximum value for your money, and your new vinyl flooring will look and feel great for years to come.

To find out more about the cost of our LVT underlays and how much you can expect to pay, give us a call on 0203 325 9082.

Can LVT underlay be used with underfloor heating systems?

Yes! Here at British Flooring, we stock a couple of vinyl underlays that are suitable for use with underfloor heating systems – including the 2mm Acoustic Vinyl Click LVT Underlay.

This vinyl underlay is perfect for both domestic and commercial installations and has a low tog rating of 0.3. Thanks to this low tog rating, it’s an excellent choice for rooms with underfloor heating.

If you’re unsure which LVT underlay is best for your requirements, or you have a question regarding the products available, you’re welcome to get in touch at any time. Simply fill out our online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.