Wood Underlay

Thinking about swapping your dusty old carpets for gorgeous wood flooring?

Available in an array of styles and colours, wood flooring is a classic choice for homes. The wooden planks come in various lengths and widths, and can be arranged in virtually any formation to suit your room.

It’s easy to clean wooden floors by sweeping or vacuuming. Therefore, with the appropriate care, they’ll maintain their stunning look for years to come.

However, before you install your new flooring, you need to buy wood underlay.

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Why do you need wood floor underlay?

Many people consider it to be an optional extra, but wood floor underlay actually shapes how your flooring looks, feels, and wears over time.

Installing it between the subfloor and wooden floorboards is key to the finish and longevity of your flooring.

Any good wooden floor underlay will:

  • add cushioning to your floor, making it more comfortable to walk on
  • act like a shock absorber, protecting the condition of your wooden flooring
  • provide a barrier against noise, offering a degree of soundproofing
  • act as an insulator, helping you to save money on your energy bills
  • protect the joints in the planks, reducing the risk of flexing

Another thing worth noting about wood underlay is that the extra cushioning helps to absorb shock from everyday foot traffic and clumsy drops. That means your engineered wood flooring won’t show signs of wear and tear as quickly, lasting much longer than wood floors that don’t have underlay installed between them and the subfloor.

How do you choose wood underlay?

There are various types of wood underlay available. Your choice often depends on the needs of your flooring project and your budget.

That’s why, when choosing wooden floor underlay, it’s crucial that you assess the environment it will be installed in.

Are you planning on installing an underfloor heating system? If so, you’ll want an underlay with a low tog rating to allow the heat to come up through the floorboards.

If you’d prefer a wood floor underlay that can absorb more sound made by walking, running, or shuffling furniture around on the floor above, look carefully at the product’s sound reduction properties. The higher the dB rating, the better.

Royale 7mm Professional Gold is one of the best wood underlays you can buy. It’s stronger than most and reduces sound up to 37dB. You will need the Royale Barrier Pro X Tape to secure the joins to prevent any unwanted movement and moisture, but this is available to purchase for a fantastic price at British Flooring.

Ready to order wooden floor underlay?

We provide underlays at various price points, offering a cost-effective solution for all customers.

To ensure you get the best value for your money, we advise you to accurately measure the room that requires wood underlay. Once you have your measurements, consider the roll size to determine how many you need to order.

When you’ve decided which products are best for your requirements and budget, add them to your basket and checkout.

If you have any questions regarding our wooden floor underlays, or you’d like an expert opinion, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0203 325 9082.

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Can you put wood flooring down without underlay?

The simple answer is yes, it is possible to fit wooden flooring without an underlayment. However, if your subfloor is uneven or less sturdy, a wood underlay will provide extra padding underneath, making it even more comfortable to walk on.

Another reason why you should at least consider laying a wood underlay before fitting new flooring is that it will improve insulation – helping to retain heat within the room.

With a decent wood floor underlay in place, you can relax knowing that your gorgeous wooden flooring will look and feel great for years to come, no matter how much foot traffic it receives. That means you won’t have to replace your floors as often, which also saves you money in the long run.

What is the best wood underlay?

Whilst there are several different wood floor underlay options to choose from, knowing which is right for you can be an overwhelming task.

Fortunately, the team at British Flooring is always on hand to guide and advise you, to ensure you make an informed decision.

To determine the most suitable wood underlay for your floors, we suggest you start by considering the subfloor type – is it concrete or wooden?

Usually, wood floor underlay for concrete subfloors will have a built-in moisture barrier, whilst most timber subfloors don’t.

The next factor to bear in mind is the size of your room. The bigger your room is, the more wood underlay you’ll need. With that said, it’s worth looking closely at the price tag too.

To discuss your requirements in further detail with our experts, don’t hesitate to call 0203 325 9082.

How much does wood underlay cost?

The price you’ll pay for wood floor underlay can vary depending on numerous factors, such as the manufacturer, roll size, thickness and level of sound reduction.

As with most things, the larger the roll, the more you can expect to pay. Similarly, thicker underlays will provide more sound insulation and tend to come at a higher price than thinner products.

Starting from as little as £7.75, we pride ourselves on offering the best wood underlays at some of the most competitive prices around. This way, you can purchase top-quality products without spending a fortune whilst also improving how your flooring looks, feels and wears.

For a better idea of how much wood floor underlay will cost you, browse our range and identify the best product for your needs. Once you’ve found it, click on it and select the options that are most applicable for you – the price should then update.

How do you install wood underlay?

The great thing about installing wood floor underlay is that virtually anyone can do it – even if you’re no DIYer.

For the most part, all you need is a big enough roll to cover the entire floor and a pair of sharp scissors or a cutting knife to cut the underlay to size.

You’ll also need an adhesive to hold the underlay securely in place – either Royale’s Barrier Pro X Tape, to join the seams and prevent moisture, or a spray adhesive.

If you require assistance installing wood underlay, or you have any questions at all, you’re welcome to contact us. We’re always on hand to help and will happily guide and advise you.