Laminate Thresholds

Thresholds are placed at the bottom of a door sill or entrance. They provide a practical and aesthetically pleasing transition from one room to the next.

Aside from giving your floors a seamless finish, thresholds and door bars help to keep everything in place – meaning you needn’t worry about having to re-lay your carpet or laminate floorboards further down the line.

Here at British Flooring, we have a fantastic range of laminate flooring threshold strips, which connect laminate and wood floors to various other types of floors and surfaces.

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Laminate thresholds to suit every need

Whether you’re looking for a carpet to laminate door bar to connect your living room to your kitchen or your office space to your lounge area, British Flooring has you covered.

All of the thresholds we stock are made from solid MDF, so will last for many years to come. They’re also available in a choice of colours, profiles, and lengths, meaning you should have no issue finding a laminate threshold that complements the décor in your home.

For floors at different levels, a ramp profile carpet to laminate door strip is an excellent choice. These will even the floors out to the same level, ensuring a smooth transition between rooms. The ramp edge profile provides a neat finish and comes with a separate fixing rail that’s simple to install.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to define the end of a section of laminate flooring, you can’t go wrong with an end profile laminate floor threshold – available in 16 oak colour options. Not only do these look great but they work especially well where floors meet a door or fireplace and can protect the end of the floor where skirting isn’t possible.

Laminate door bars are ideal for use between doorways and floors that are on the same level, especially those that boast a T-shaped profile. They allow you to join your wooden floors with the flooring in your next room – covering any gaps.

As with all of the laminate flooring threshold strips we supply, these come complete with moisture-resistant adhesives, which make installation straightforward. They’re also sold in an array of stylish colours, including grey and oak.

Ready to order laminate thresholds?

Finding the perfect carpet to laminate threshold or laminate door bars couldn’t be easier than it is at British Flooring.

Simply browse the range of products we have available and identify the most suitable one for your needs. Once you’ve found it, choose your preferred colour and size, add it to your basket, and proceed to the checkout.

Our team will then parcel up your products ready to be delivered to your address within 1-2 days, depending on which delivery method you selected at checkout.

Get in touch

If you’ve got any questions about laminate thresholds or you’d like an expert opinion, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The team at British Flooring has been supplying laminate door bars and thresholds for many years. We have unrivalled experience in our field and will be more than happy to share our expertise.

Either give us a call on 0203 325 9082 or drop us an email at, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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