Carpet Gripper

Carpet grippers – sometimes called carpet gripper rods – are a must-have when laying a new carpet. Not only do they prevent your carpet from moving, and the underlay from rippling, but they also help to ensure a clean and tidy finish around the edges of your new flooring.

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Here at British Flooring, we supply only the best quality carpet gripper rods on the market, including the famous Royale® German carpet gripper which is:

  • made from high-quality plywood
  • made with a pronounced bevel edge – making it suitable for all underlay types
  • quick and easy to install
  • available in a choice of sizes
  • priced competitively

Thanks to its thick and sharp zinc nails, this German-made gripper offers a stronger hold than any other.

How to fit a carpet gripper

Designed to provide a firm grip on your floors, carpet gripper rods are a worthwhile investment and, when properly installed, can prevent your carpets from losing tension once they have been laid.

The first thing you need to do before you fit the gripper is to locate any hidden wires or pipes and make sure that the floor is clear of debris.

If you discover a pipe or wire, you don’t want to use nails to fix the gripper in place. Instead, mark the spot in these areas and use gripper adhesive to stick them down.

When it comes to handling and fitting carpet grippers, always wear gloves as the pins are extremely sharp.

Buy a carpet gripper today

Purchasing a carpet gripper for your new carpets couldn’t be easier.

At British Flooring, we supply a variety of sizes – starting from 20ft (6 metres) and ranging right the way up to 500ft (152 metres). So, measure your room and calculate how many carpet gripper rods are required. Once you have your measurements and you know how many you need, change the quantity, click ‘add to basket’ and proceed to checkout.

You can either pay via debit or credit card or PayPal and, depending on the time your order was placed and your chosen delivery method, your carpet gripper rods will be delivered within 24-48 hours.

If you would like to learn more about carpet grippers or have a question for a member of our team, then please feel free to call us on 0203 325 9082. We are always on hand to help and will do everything we can to assist.

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