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As one of the UK’s leading suppliers, here at British Flooring we stock some of the best flooring underlay for wood, laminate and carpets,  from brands such as Royale, Duralay, Cloud 9 and Plushwalk – to name just a few. And we are now stockists of carpets too!

Our Carpet Collection consists of 5 fantastic ranges, different colours to suit every personal preference and a number of styles such as Berber Loop, Twist and Saxony. We also have a number of backing types on offer for example Action backing and Felt backing.

All the Carpets we stock come in both 4m and 5m Widths and a number of lengths ranging from 2m to 12m long.

So, whatever you have in mind for your home update, you should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for here at British Flooring!


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How do I choose the best carpet for my home?

Buying a new carpet is no easy feat.

It’s a big purchase. And definitely one you want to get right first time.

Looks aren’t everything when it comes to choosing your carpet. This isn’t to say that they aren’t important, but you need to factor a few other things into your decision, including:

• Location – of course, you wouldn’t use the same carpet in your bedroom as in your hall stairs and landing. Different carpets are better suited to different areas. While some are more hardwearing and work best in areas that experience heavy foot traffic, like on your staircase, others are better suited to suit living and dining rooms.

• Maintenance requirements – Kids and pets are notoriously messy, and if you have them running around, the last thing you want is to spend hours cleaning their mess up off your carpet. Opt for something easy to clean that can withstand all the heavy footfall.

• Budget – some carpets are more expensive than others, so it’s important to keep your budget in mind when browsing.

Here at British Flooring, we offer a selection of stunning Berber Loop, twist and Saxony carpets that are perfect for any home.

Struggling to make a decision? Our experts are here to help! Give us a call on 0203 325 9082 or send us a message via email for a speedy response.

Do I need a carpet underlay?

A high-quality carpet underlay is the perfect plus one for any new carpet.

From enhancing your carpet’s good looks to extending its lifespan, carpet underlay offers many benefits, not just for your flooring but for the rest of your home. Just some of these benefits include:

• Comfort

A high-quality carpet underlay provides the ultimate underfoot comfort.

It acts almost like a sponge beneath your carpet – absorbing impact and cushioning your feet as you walk.

• Noise reduction

As carpet underlay absorbs the impact from your feet when you walk, they also act as a barrier to sound and help you enjoy a quieter home.

• Improved insulation

Underlays with higher tog ratings provide extra insulation for your home.

The dense materials block cold air and prevent warm air from escaping when you switch the heating on, which could help cut your energy bills by up to 15%! What’s not to love?

Check out our range of carpet underlays today, and get in touch with us if you have any questions!

Can I fit a carpet by myself?

Lots of us think that installing a carpet is complicated and time-consuming, which is only natural if you’ve never done it before. But it’s actually easier than you think.

With a few tools and a bit of practice and patience, you can easily achieve a seamless, smooth fit-out that looks as though it’s been installed professionally.

Of course, professional installation is always an option, and it may be the best route to go down if it’s your first attempt at installing your own carpet, or if you’re usually not great with DIY projects.

If you’re looking for tips on how to install your own carpet, or any accompanying accessories – like carpet grippers for example – we’re here and ready to point you in the right direction. Contact our friendly team today!

Why choose British Flooring?

As the UK’s leading supplier of luxury carpets and the one-stop shop for all things flooring, we have something to suit all tastes and budgets.

From stunning Saxony carpets to popular Berber Loop and Twist styles, you’re sure to find the carpet of your interior décor dreams, at an even dreamier price.

Just because our carpets are more affordable, doesn’t mean there are any compromises made to their quality. We can guarantee we won’t be beaten on either.

If you’d like to know more about the carpets we stock here at British Flooring, or you’re not sure which is best for your home, we’re here to help.

Give us a call today on 0203 325 9082 to chat with us directly or fill out our online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you shortly.