Spray Adhesives

Spray adhesives

Searching for carpet adhesive? We’ve got you covered.

Here at British Flooring, we supply a wide range of carpet adhesives that are super simple to use and guaranteed to keep your carpet in place for years to come – including adhesive sprays.

To find out more about the spray carpet adhesives we stock, either call 0203 325 9082 or complete the online enquiry form.

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Top-quality carpet adhesives

Here at British Flooring, we understand that carpet adhesives must be able to withstand the constant trampling, scuffing, and footfall that carpets endure. They also need to be flexible and straightforward to install.

That’s why the spray adhesives we supply have a high-strength formula and are designed to provide a long-lasting bond between the carpet, underlay, and subfloor. They ensure minimal movement from the underlay and prevent further movement once the carpet has been fitted.

Our carpet adhesive spray makes it easy for you to attach your carpet to your floor. And the best bit? It’s available to purchase online for a competitive price – starting from £3.74 for just one can and £28.20 for 12 cans.

We also offer next-day delivery for orders placed before 2pm, meaning you needn’t wait too long for carpet adhesive to arrive at your door.

How to use spray carpet adhesive

Our carpet adhesives are applied directly to the subfloor using an adjustable spray nozzle, making installation quick and simple.

To start, hold the can approximately 12-18cm away from the surface to be sprayed and ensure an even coat is applied.

Wait for the adhesive to become tacky (usually 1-3 minutes) before firmly pushing the carpet down to the subfloor.

Depending on the surface, you may need to apply two coats of carpet adhesive to ensure it sticks, and drying times may be longer.

Get in touch

If you’ve got a question about the carpet adhesives we stock at British Flooring, or would like more tips on using spray adhesive on carpets, contact our experts.

Always on hand to help, we would love to hear from you. Simply give us a call on 0203 325 9082, email sales@british-flooring.co.uk, or send us an online message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Is carpet spray adhesive permanent?

Carpet glue is specifically designed to permanently bond carpet underlay to the floor, minimising any unwanted movement when you walk over your carpet once it’s been fitted over top. When applied correctly, a carpet spray adhesive should last as long as the underlay and carpet itself (possibly even longer).

Once the spray adhesive is applied and has fully dried, it won’t budge easily and will hold your carpet underlay firmly in place until the time comes to replace your flooring. And even then, it can be difficult to remove.

To remove carpet adhesive spray, mix boiling water and some washing up liquid and pour it over areas where the adhesive is clinging to the subfloor.

Let it sit for a while before scrubbing away the residue with a scouring sponge, and finish by thoroughly drying the surface before installing new flooring!

How long does it take for carpet glue spray to dry?

Drying time largely depends on a few different factors, including the chemicals used in the spray, how much of it you use and the temperature of the room.

Whilst some sprays dry completely within just a few hours, it can take others between 24-48 hours.

During this time, we recommend waiting to install your new carpet just to make sure that the adhesive is fully set and that it won’t lift or budge once your carpet has been laid over the top.

Of course, the warmer the room, the quicker the adhesive spray will dry, and thin layers should be fully set in no time at all.

For expert tips and advice for applying your carpet adhesive, give our experts a call today on 0203 325 9082!

Is carpet glue spray really necessary?

Without carpet glue spray, your carpet underlay would shift and crumple every time you walked across it – which, of course, isn’t ideal if your want your carpet to last.

So, if you want to make the absolute most of your carpet, and your chosen underlay – ensuring it looks great for years to come – carpet adhesive spray is a non-negotiable component of the installation process.

It doesn’t take long at all, and you can have it done within just five minutes – talk about convenience!

How else can I benefit from using carpet adhesive?

There are several reasons why you should consider using a carpet spray adhesive, if you haven’t done so already.

For starters, carpet adhesive promotes a smooth, uniform appearance that’s safe and comfortable to walk on.

Because of the strong bond it creates between the underlay and subfloor, it prevents your carpet from shifting and any unsightly wrinkles or curling from appearing.

It also acts as a thermal insulator, reducing noise levels between floors and providing a little extra insulation to stop heat from escaping (or coming up through) your floors.

As well as all of this, they keep dust production to an absolute minimum, thanks to the surfaces being tightly bonded.