Plushwalk 12mm Underlay

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Plushwalk™ 12mm – Luxury Carpet Underlay PU Foam

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Product Description

Plushwalk 12mm is a super luxury carpet underlay, now known as a market leader for giving outstanding levels of comfort underfoot. Perhaps the ultimate & best underlay on the market from 2017 to date.

Plushwalk underlay is made using memory white foam which gives astonishing levels of comfort underfoot. Because of its memory type foam it acts as a “bounce back foam” similar to like you have on memory foam beds. This makes your carpets super soft to walk on and it also makes it perfect for resisting furniture indentations. A new leap in carpet underlay.

Plushwalk also has extremely high sound proofing and thermal properties thanks to its higher density of foam compared with lower density of foams in other underlays. Plushwalk foam is also pure memory which makes it superb for in acoustic reduction.

On top, it features 2 damp proof membranes which create moisture lock between your sub floor and carpet. This prevents damp affecting your carpet or underlay thus increasing the life time of your carpet dramatically.


Thickness: 12mm
Width: 1.37m
Length: 11m
Full Roll Size: 15m²
Tog Rating: 3.3Tog
Sound Reduction: 48dB approx.
Comfort Rating: 5*

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25 reviews for Plushwalk 12mm Underlay

  1. BeckiV

    V Happy. Made my carpets feel nice. Thxs! Becki

  2. Jenny Armstrong

    Wow this feels amazing underfoot, even my carpet fitters were impressed with this! Will be ordering another 2 rolls next week.

  3. Tom Wessex

    I read up on Plushwalk, nearly bought Cloud 9, but when i read up on the reviews from other sites of Plushwalk, i decided to buy it. Massive difference from the Cloud 9 Cumulus i put in my other room. Recommend!

  4. Ben Hollingworth

    Other rooms feel hard now compared to the room i’ve laid with is Plushwalk – its fab

  5. Rebecca D

    fitters astounded at this underlay – foam feels really soft when you walk on it

  6. Mark Banford

    I was recommend this underlay by a friend and have to say this underlay is the best ever. It feels really spongy when you walk on it, and our new baby actually falls asleep on the carpet sometimes

  7. Thomas D

    Giving this 4 stars because the delivery driver was a little unhelpful, but the product is amazing!

  8. Harrison Danyluk

    Quick delivery and items well packaged. Bought Plushwalk because i was recommended by a friend. Ordered Thursday 2pm, arrived the next day at 10am! Fitters also impressed with quality

  9. Roland Armstrong

    If you want the best comfort ever, then i can recommend this underlay. I was actually a bit unsure buying this and my carpet fitter said to go with Cloud 9 Cumulus, but im glad i went with this Plushwalk its just incredible. The whole lounge is soft and warm to walk around in, we are going to do the Kids bedroom and master bedroom later this year. Cheers guys

  10. Tom Westwood

    Amazing! Thanks British Flooring

  11. Rachel Atkinson

    lovely product – carpets feel so soft

  12. Jenni Rowbottom

    B.Flooring team were lovely to deal with. Placed my order over the phone, the next day it arrived, 4 days later it was fitted….i never thought underlay could make my carpets feel like this. fitters were so impressed they were asking me where i got it from. The next plan is to do the rest of the house with Plushwalk

  13. Peter Armstrong

    Way better than what i saw in the shops, Plushwalk has much better foam inside which has made my carpets feel super soft underfoot. I’ve even decided to do the rest of my house with this underlay now. Thanks British Flooring team!

  14. Bob Newall

    The delivery driver wouldn’t help me carry them up my stairs and my wife has a bad back. Should switch couriers in my opinion.

  15. Rod Duckenzo

    Glad i bought this – you’ll be amazed how soft this makes your carpets feel

  16. Tom K

    Very happy i got this underlay

  17. Graham B

    Really soft underfoot. I actually bought this because of the damp proof membrane which has worked really well stopping damp coming up from my floorboards. We live in a terraced house and the floors and walls have a constant water leak somewhere, but its impossible for us to fix, so we have to do our best to stop it coming into the house.

  18. Scott Freckham

    Bought this after doing my research online and its way better than the stuff i had down before – couldnt believe carpets could feel this soft to walk on. With the old carpet the kids sit on pillows to play on their PS4, now they don’t

  19. Sally Cartwright

    3rd time buying this underlay, nothing compares to it. Feels really thick and soft to walk on and comes with a DPM membrane so extra protection just in case there is a leak under the floor.

  20. Holly E

    Very nice underlay – such a massive difference in quality & feel compared to the shops underlay that use cheap recycled PU foam. Delivery driver was also helpful as they are quite big rolls.

  21. Jonny Walker

    Exactly what it said it would do, make carpets feel exceptionally soft to walk on!

  22. Damian Ozkenski

    We are in the flooring trade and we think this is the best stuff around, used for over 2 years now and won’t try anything else.

  23. Simon Kellet

    3rd purchase this year, if you buy this underlay, your gonna have to do the rest of the rooms because they feel rubbish in comparison Plushwalk under the carpet. Who knew it was underlay that made your carpets feel soft! Highly recommended,

  24. Richard Clewarth

    Bought this Plushwalk for its DPM properties, we have an issue with damp in some corners and this has stopped our flooring going mouldy in the corners. Feels great to walk on, shame to cover it up

  25. Lucy W.

    Carpet fitter was very impressed with this. I never knew it was the underlay that made your carpets feel soft, i always thought the thicker your carpets, the better the feeling, but i was wrong!

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