Thermal Stream Underfloor Heating Carpet Underlay

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ThermalStream is the best underlay for underfloor heating on the market today. You should not have to compromise comfort with practicality when fitting underfloor heating in your home, and with ThermalStream you don’t have to. It features air thermal pockets which allows a faster heat transfer to your carpets and with 10mm thickness, it feels super soft underfoot. Far better than other thinner underlays on the market which feel hard in comparison.

  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Roll Size: 15m2 (11m x 1.37m)
  • Up to 20% faster heat transfer
  • Superb levels of softness underfoot
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Product Description

ThermalStream uses the latest technology making it the best underlay for underfloor heating. You should not have to compromise comfort with practicality when fitting underfloor heating in your home, and with ThermalStream you don’t have to.

Its thickness of 10mm makes it luxurious and soft to walk on and it uses flame-retardant foam for safety.  Then there are the punched holes allowing a much quicker heat transfer between your underfloor heating and your carpets allowing for a more economical running of your heating system. Easier to lift and fast to install to save on increased fitting times.

You can buy other underlays for underfloor heating but these are mostly rubber underlays that are thin and give very little softness underfoot. ThermalStream is changing the whole concept with new technology, giving you the best of all worlds. Comfort and economic.


Type: UFH Carpet Underlay
Material: Foam
Roll Size: 15.07m2
Thickness: 10mm
Sound Insulation: 46db
TOG : 0.8 TOG
Comfort Rating: 5
To Install: Tape the joins with Wilsons Bonding Tape and glue corners with Allrounder Fix Spray Adhesive.

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11 reviews for Thermal Stream Underfloor Heating Carpet Underlay

  1. John Westfield

    I’m a fitter and really impressed with this. I’ve mainly used Heatflow or King in the past but this stuff feels far better to walk on. Good to see new & better products on the market. Will be using this again – Thanks John.

  2. Megan Rushton

    Made our carpets feel soft to walk on vs other underlay we have in the house. Worked well with our underfloor heating too – ours is water pipe system which connects to our boiler.

  3. Arthur D.

    Bought this underlay twice now, worked very well in both rooms and carpet feels soft so does what it says on the tin!

  4. Jessica Drayton

    Very nice underlay and works a treat on our new Westex Carpet with electric UFH system. We were going to go with the shops thin rubber underlay which felt very hard to vs normal foam underlays, but after doing some research, this underlay is far better. The holes in the underlay also have made a big difference to heat transfer to the carpet so we only have to keep our settings on 50% capacity which is a big plus on energy savings monthly.

  5. Roger Field

    This has been down 6months now and still feels better than our carpets in the other room, i’ve just bought another roll to do the next rooms – wife loves the softness feeling of the carpet now.

  6. Antonio C.

    Lovely stuff, worth paying more for better quality especially when your carpets down for 1/3 of your life!

  7. Casey Weston

    Fantastic underlay and a clever idea, we had this installed last Thursday by our carpet fitter who came out of retirement because of COVID, he was also said he impressed with it. Delivery was 1 day late but that doesn’t matter, so im happy overall, thanks guys.

  8. Brian Fox

    This feels better than my other carpets in my house now. Who knew underlay made such a difference to the feeling underfoot.

  9. Gemma Dwight (Flower Girl)

    We bought this after hearing from a friend who had this installed in their lounge and bedrooms recommended it to us and its been brilliant for us too. Our fitter originally said he hadnt heard of this stuff and when it arrived he said it felt lightweight, but we ignored him and went ahead, how pleased were we. In fact this stuff feels better than some of the underlay we have in other rooms. My friend has electric heating upstairs and a wet system downstairs, the electric system is definitely better because i’ve found the wet system tend to be milder in heat instead of electric which gives off more heat, hope this helps anyone. Gemma

  10. Markham

    Originally we had installed some thin UFH rubber stuff, but we were not impressed, so we decided to pull up the carpets and put ThermalStreamo down and wow what a difference, carpets feel softer and the heat gets through much better than before. We’ve actually turned the heat down 2oc which helps save us a little on the bills moving forward. Thanks to the British F team for the advice – Markham

  11. Robert Akworth

    Came quick, best price i could find

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