Choosing the perfect new carpet for your living room

From pile types and textures to colours and materials, our experts reveal the most important things to look for when picking out the perfect carpet for your living room in this article!

Whether you’ve just got the keys to your first property and are tweaking the décor to suit your taste, or you’ve been settled into your home for a while and want to upgrade the outdated interiors, the living room carpet is a great place to start.

Being the go-to space for family game nights, movie nights with our significant others, and unwinding with a glass of red after a long day, it’s safe to say that we spend the majority of our time in our living rooms.

So, the way they look and how comfortable they feel is important.

With so many different colours, patterns, and styles to choose from, choosing the perfect new carpet for your living room may seem like a difficult task – but in this post, our experts reveal the things you should consider and look out for when you’re on the hunt.

Choosing the right carpet fibre

The type of carpet fibre you opt for is a huge decision, as it has a big impact on the durability, cost, and – most importantly – the look and feel of your carpet.

When shopping around, these are just a few you’ll be able to choose from:

  • Nylon – being affordable and durable and offering excellent stain resistance, it’s no wonder this synthetic carpet fibre is the most popular. Available in an extensive range of colours and patterns, it makes the perfect choice for pretty much any living room.
  • Polyester – in terms of retail price and installation cost, polyester carpets are generally the most budget-friendly. This option also offers a range of colours, thanks to it being easy to dye, and is super comfortable underfoot. The only downside is that it isn’t as durable as other options, though investing in a quality underlay will help boost its longevity.
  • Wool – if you’re a lover of luxury and want to make your living room feel uber-cosy, a wool carpet is definitely the way to go. They’re typically the most expensive, whether it’s 100% wool or an 80/20 combination, but you can be confident that you’re getting the very best quality. As an added bonus for the eco-conscious household, you can rest assured with the knowledge that they’re one of the most sustainable options, too!

Pile type and texture selection

The pile type and texture you choose also contribute massively to the look and feel of your carpet, as well as the cost and longevity.

There are a few different types you’ll come across when shopping, which include:

  • Berber loop – made using loops of yarn, Berber loop carpets are well known for their textured look, firm underfoot feeling, and durability. Made from 100% polypropylene, Berber loop carpets offer excellent stain resistance and value for money – perfect for households with small children and messy pets who are searching for a cost-effective option.
  • Twist – if you can’t stand footprints or hoover lines, a twist carpet will be perfect for your living room, thanks to the densely packed fibres. Whilst hardwearing, they’re also incredibly soft, and provide the ultimate underfoot comfort for decades to come.
  • Saxony – these carpets are thick, hardwearing, and unbelievably soft. So not only will your living room look a million dollars, it will feel it, too!

Colour and pattern options

Aside from functionality and durability, looks are one of the most important aspects of your living room carpet.

Of course, you’ll want your new carpet to fit in with the rest of your décor and enhance your space, and there are plenty of colours and patterns available to help you do so.

From neutral cream, beige, and grey shades to bold colours and striking patterns, you’re bound to find something you love that helps you to express your style.

If you’re struggling to decide on a colour, you could base your decision on the shade of paint or wallpaper on your walls.

For example, if you have dark-painted or papered walls, choose a lighter-coloured carpet for balance, and vice versa.

Other considerations

Aside from carpet fibres, pile types, colours, and patterns, there are some more practical things you should consider when shopping for a new living room carpet, including:

  • Maintenace and cleaning

Carpets are tough enough to keep pristine without adding messy children or pets into the mix, so if your little ones– furry or otherwise – are constantly wreaking havoc, your best bet is to choose a carpet that’s easy to maintain.

Nylon and polyester carpets tend to be the easiest carpets to maintain, so keep an eye out for these on your hunt for the perfect new living room carpet.

  • Durability

Being in one of the most used rooms of your home, you’ll want your living room carpet to look good and retain its shape for years after installation.

This is why it’s important to consider how durable a carpet is, and how resistant it is to certain types of wear and tear.

Wool carpets are a perfect example of a beautiful long-lasting carpet, guaranteeing luxuriously good looks for decades down the line.

  • Budget

Of course, if you’re upgrading your living room on a budget, it’s important to set yourself a price and keep this in mind when shopping.

There are several high-quality carpets on the market that won’t break the bank – on our site, you can filter your options by price to help you find the perfect carpet for your home that’s within your means.

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