So, you’ve decided to update your home with Vinyl Flooring, and now you’re wondering if you need to purchase Underlay to use with it? First of all, great choice! Vinyl Flooring is an excellent way to add a fresh, modern look to your home without breaking the bank. They are suitable for any room in your home; however, they are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, given they are highly water-resistant. In addition, they are durable and super easy to maintain; it’s a win-win product for you!

But do I need LVT Underlay?

LVT Flooring

Ultimately LVT underlay can give your vinyl floors that added extra feel it needs to impress your family and friends. The underlay improves the cushioning effect of the floor greatly reducing the impact of noise created by your floor being walked upon. As to whether you need it, the truth is it all depends on the type of Vinyl Flooring you have bought. Some underlays come with an in-built layer of cushioning; however, some don’t, and in those instances underlay is a worthwhile investment.

Another worthy consideration is the flooring’s thickness; vinyl that is less than 4mm thick shouldn’t be installed with Underlay because it can affect the strength of the ‘click’ mechanism during installation. Should the click mechanism fail and break this will potentially ruin your flooring. We recommend LVT with a minimum 4mm thickness, this will give you the best return for your investment allowing you to use underlay and improve the effectivenesss of the flooring and maximise on the available benefits from that type of flooring.

LVT Underlay

Benefits of LVT Flooring Underlay 

Improved Comfort

Underlay adds an extra layer of foam between the subfloor and your Vinyl Flooring, significantly improving the floor’s comfort, making it much softer and comfortable to walk on. 


LVT Flooring is best known for its ease of fitting with its simple click and fit into place, with no adhesive required. This makes it perfect for you if you’re looking to fit your flooring yourself. However, without Underlay, there is a possibility your flooring could move over time, which is where Underlay will help as it adds stability to your installation. 

Noise Reduction 

LVT Underlay has fantastic acoustic properties; being made from high-density foam, designed to absorb sound and offer high levels of noise reduction. This makes it perfect for high traffic areas where people are walking on your floor frequently, reducing the impact of noise and keeping your neighbours happy! 

Person walking on floor

Moisture Protection 

Another benefit of LVT Underlay is moisture-protection. Most LVT Underlays have a damp-proof membrane, reducing the risk of moisture accumulating beneath the floor. Before fitting your flooring, it is essential to test your subfloor’s humidity and ensure it falls below 75%, as any dampness can cause the floor to lift and curl; if you think this may be an issue, LVT Underlay is a recommended investment and will help reduce that risk.

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