laminate flooring underlays being placed down

If your old flooring is looking a little tired and worn, it may be time for an upgrade.

And what better way to do it than with laminate flooring?

Mimicking the beauty of natural hardwood floors, laminate flooring is affordable, durable and perfect for any home.

To get the absolute most out of your new flooring, taking good care of it is key.

Just one of the ways you can extend its lifespan is by investing in a high-quality laminate flooring underlay to protect your new flooring from excessive wear and tear.

But which laminate flooring underlay is best?

Here, our flooring specialists reveal the four highest-rated laminate flooring underlays to help narrow down your options!

1.    7mm Professional Gold Underlay

The 7mm Professional Gold Underlay is the crème de la crème of laminate flooring underlays.

Boasting incredible soundproofing properties (reducing sounds up to 37dB!) and increased foam density, this underlay is ideal for modern architectural buildings where high levels of sound reduction, thermal insulation and self-levelling are required.

And, costing just £63.50 per roll, it’s no wonder this underlay has so many raving reviews!

The 7mm Professional Gold Underlay

2.    5mm Sonic Gold Acoustic Underlay

5mm Sonic Gold Acoustic Underlay

Our customers also seem to love the 5mm Sonic Gold Acoustic Underlay.

And for good reason.

This underlay features a damp-proof gold foil membrane and a 5mm foam density, which not only provides a moisture barrier lock but also improves heat insulation by reflecting heat back in – making it the perfect choice for particularly chilly areas of the home.

It’s also great at absorbing impact sounds, and reduces noise by up to 25dB, great for if you have noisy children and pets wreaking havoc all day.

3.    Royale Fibreboard 5mm/7mm Laminate Underlay

Another favourite is the Royale Fibreboard 5 and 7mm Laminate Underlay.

If you’ve recently bought a new-build property and are considering laminate flooring, this underlay is ideal for levelling out any imperfections on your subfloor, making your laminate super comfortable underfoot.

Royale fibreboard underlay doubles as an extra soundproofing and insulation layer – reducing sounds by approximately 23dB and keeping your home nice and warm.

In your pack, you’ll receive 15 boards, and the price depends on the thickness you choose, with 5mm costing £19.50 and 7mm costing £20.50. Which is more than worth it, in our eyes!

the Royale Fibreboard 5 and 7mm Laminate Underlay

4.    6mm Supreme Gold Acoustic Underlay

The 6mm Supreme Gold Acoustic Underlay is a new and improved version of the 5mm Sonic Gold Underlay.

It offers many of the same benefits, but, being a little thicker, provides better noise reduction properties (reducing impact sounds by approximately 26dB), and enhanced thermal insulation.

With prices starting at just £25.95 per roll, investing in this underlay is a no-brainer.

Need help choosing the perfect laminate flooring underlay?

Here at British Flooring, we stock one of the largest collections of laminate flooring underlays in the UK.

With so many different underlays to choose from, there’s something for everyone – regardless of budget and preferences.

To find out more about our range, or for expert recommendations, you’re more than welcome to get in touch with our team.

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