Underfloor heating underlay – a necessary addition?

Here’s our hot tip: If you’re fitting new underfloor heating, always install underfloor heating underlay too.

We know exactly what’s going through your head. An extra layer, sandwiched between your new (expensive) underfloor heating and flooring? Surely that’s going to stop the transfer of heat? And we appreciate how counterproductive it may seem. But the fact is, it doesn’t.

Whether you have a sumptuous carpet, premium hardwood or thick laminate – and whether you’ve opted for a hydronic or forced air system – there are numerous underlays that have been specifically designed to work with underfloor heating. Which will not only facilitate your system’s performance, but also provide a range of other benefits.

Let’s take a closer look at why it should be at the top of your to-buy list.

4 reasons to invest in underlay for underfloor heating

  • Heat transfer

Unlike ‘standard’ underlay – which is simply made to be as thick and insulating as possible – underlay for underfloor heating has a unique and innovative design, intended to boost the efficiency of your heating system. For example, it’s often perforated, with punched holes throughout the foam, and usually has a low TOG rating (of less than 1).

These features successfully promote the flow of air.

Therefore, rather than having the (expected) detrimental effect, the addition of underlay can actually promote quicker transfer between the underfloor heating and room, maximising the efficiency of your heating system – and, as a result, helping to keep its running costs to a minimum.

  • Underfoot comfort

Underfloor heating underlays may be a little thinner than standard underlays (to ensure they have a low TOG rating). But thanks to recent developments in technology, there are now thicker options available – around the 10mm mark. And by adding this extra layer, you can significantly enhance the underfoot comfort of your flooring – giving it a softer, more cushioned feel.

This can be particularly beneficial if laying onto a concrete or brick subfloor.

  • Acoustic insulation

A benefit that’s especially useful if you live in an apartment or opt for laminate or hardwood.

Positioned between your new heating system and floor covering, underfloor heating underlay acts as an effective noise barrier. Both impact and airborne sounds will be reduced by up to 30-40dB and the layer of insulation will help to create a much quieter, relaxing environment.

  • Durability

Underlay can enhance the durability of your flooring in a couple of ways.

Firstly, by correcting any imperfections in your subfloor, it creates a smoother and flatter surface for installation. This ensures the final results look and feel their absolute best, whilst also improving stability – which can be particularly helpful if laying a ‘floating floor’ such as laminate.

Underfloor heating underlay also acts as a fantastic shock absorber, protecting the flooring from day-to-day wear and tear and potentially extending its lifespan by up to 50%.

So which underfloor heating underlay should I buy?

For use with carpets:

ThermalStream Underfloor Heating Carpet Underlay

ThermalStream® is by far the best carpet underlay for underfloor heating currently for sale.

A revolutionary product, it’s constructed from a unique foam with perforated ‘air thermal pockets’, which allow up to 20% faster heat transfer from your underfloor heating into the room.

It also benefits from a very low 0.8 TOG rating, meaning it can be paired with a range of thick carpets without reducing the efficiency of the heating system. Yet, measuring 10mm, it’s also incredibly soft and luxurious to walk on.

Available for £129.95 per roll, this is an affordable yet superior product – that has changed the landscape of the underfloor heating underlay market, offering both practicality and comfort.

For use with wood, laminate and vinyl:

Thermal Pro X Underfloor Heating Underlay

Very similar in its design to ThermalStream®, Thermal Pro X has also been created with the efficiency of underfloor heating in mind.

Not only does it have an extremely low 0.3 TOG rating, it features a series of punched holes, which successfully promote air circulation and prevent heat from getting trapped below the surface.  As such, heat can transfer much quicker and it’ll take much less energy to heat your room.  

By utilising the latest technology, Thermal Pro X will also enhance the final look, feel and performance of your new flooring – improving underfoot comfort and reducing impact and airborne noise by approximately 21dB.

Priced at just £59.99 per roll, it’s one of the best underlays for underfloor heating available and suitable for use with all laminate, LVT and wooden flooring (including engineered wood).

Still not convinced?

You’re always welcome to get in touch. Here at British Flooring, our team have excellent knowledge in this area. So if you’re still not sure whether you should buy underlay for underfloor heating or have any questions about the products available in our store, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’ll be more than happy to explain the benefits in further detail and can advise on the best underlay for your requirements, whether that be one of those listed above or another option from our underfloor heating range.  

Give us a call at any time on 0203 3249082. Or simply send an email to sales@british-flooring.co.uk and one of our friendly customer service advisors will respond as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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