So, you’ve decided to update your home with Laminate Flooring, giving your house a fresh, modern look. Excellent choice! Laminate is a thriving trend in 2021, replicating hardwood floor nearly precisely, for half the real thing’s price! It also provides water resistance, durability, and it is straightforward to install, making it perfect for DIY enthusiasts. However, you may be wondering, do I need to pair underlay with it? 

We get asked this often here at British flooring, and the answer is simple – yes. Unless your laminate planks have in-built underlay, you will need to purchase a separate underlay fit for Laminate Flooring for your project. Doing so can provide a range of benefits, the main one being that it will protect your new floor from damage. Keep reading, and you can find out the other main advantages of using Laminate Underlay

Underfoot Comfort 

A massive benefit of Laminate Underlay is that it significantly increases underfoot comfort and provides a highly luxurious feel, especially if you’re laying your Laminate Flooring over a brick or concrete subfloor. It may seem impossible that anything could make a hard floor feel any comfier; however, the planks will feel significantly softer and warmer with the help of underlay

Someone walking on Laminate Flooring


Another benefit of using underlay with Laminate is that it creates excellent thermal insulation. It works to decrease the amount of heat that escapes through the floor, helping keep the room at a pleasant temperature, and can even help reduce your energy bills! 

Flooring Insulation

Noise Reduction 

Laminate can be pretty noisy, making simple things like you or perhaps your pets walking across your floor sound very loud, resulting in unhappy neighbours, especially if you live in a flat or apartment. But not to worry, this is another thing that underlay can help reduce. Underlay adds that extra layer of cushioning to your floor, reducing impact and airborne sound. 

Dogs walking on Laminate Floor

Support and Stability 

Laminate floor doesn’t have to be secured in place with nails or glue; the planks click together, effectively making it a ‘floating’ floor. Because of this, any mishaps in the subfloor can negatively affect the finished look of the Laminate, which is where underlay comes in! Underlay creates a flatter and smoother surface for installation, allowing the planks to be laid evenly across the room, improving the floor’s overall stability and sturdiness. 

Someone fitting Laminate Flooring with Underlay

Moisture Reduction 

Even though Laminate Floor provides water resistance, moisture can still rise from the subfloor and cause damage to your planks over time. However, this problem can easily be fixed by installing a Laminate Underlay with an integrated damp proof membrane, creating a moisture barrier, preventing dampness from reaching your new flooring, and reducing the risk of water damage.

Water on Laminate Floor

Get In Touch! 

Still unsure whether to install underlay with your new Laminate Floor, or perhaps you’ve decided you will, but you have no idea which type to purchase? No worries! Here at British Flooring, we’re always happy to help! You can get in touch and receive advice from our friendly team by calling 0203 3259082 or drop us an email at

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