So, you’re thinking about fitting wood flooring?

Unlike carpets, wood floors are naturally more hardwearing, meaning they don’t necessarily need the extra padding of an underlay.

Although they are perfectly comfortable to walk on barefoot without underlay, adding an extra layer between the subfloor and wooden planks can make a huge difference to how your flooring looks, feels and wears.

Here, British Flooring explains why you should consider fitting wood floor underlay before you install new flooring.

Why wood underlay is so important

  1. Simplify the installation

Though laying underlay is an extra step in the installation process, it can actually save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Instead of being secured with nails or glue, wooden flooring clicks into place. Any imperfections in the subfloor can affect its overall finish, which is why you need to make sure the subfloor is as flat as possible.

Fitting a wood underlay will help to level out and smooth over any cracks or bumps in the surface, making it easier for wooden floorboards to click into place.

2.    Add comfort

Unfortunately, hardwood floors aren’t the cosiest. Standing on them for a long time can be uncomfortable – especially if you suffer from joint issues. No matter how new or expensive they are, your floorboards will squeak at some point too.

However, wood floor underlay introduces a cushioned feel to your flooring. It softens your stride and eliminates any discomfort underfoot when you walk and sit on it.

3.    Prolong flooring lifespan

Before you fit your first plank, carefully inspect the subfloor.

If you spot any signs of moisture, it’s a sensible idea to invest in a foiled-back wood underlay toprovide a water-resistant barrier.

Underlay’s padded depth helps to absorb some of the shocks from clumsy drops, playing children and scratching pets. This reduces wear and tear and prolongs the lifespan of your wooden flooring, removing the need to upgrade it as often.

4.    Improve sound

Wooden floors are notoriously noisy. If you share your home with children and pets, your floors will probably be used a lot more, typically, resulting in more noise.

Wood underlay provides an extra layer to absorb impact sounds, such as those made when you walk or run across the room or drop something on the flooring above.

It’s worth pointing out that underlays have different acoustic ratings. When choosing one, look closely at the product’s specifications to ensure you select the most suitable option for your home.

5.    Reduce heating bills

Whilst underlay adds cushioned depth to your flooring, it also acts as a thermal insulator.

This not only helps to retain heat and keep your rooms warmer for longer, but can also save you money on your energy bills. And given that wood floor underlay can extend the lifespan of your flooring, wood underlay is an eco-friendly investment to make.

Ready to invest in wood floor underlay?

Here at British Flooring, we supply a comprehensive range of wood underlays and are confident that you’ll find the perfect underlayment for your new flooring.

Simply browse the collection in full and click through to find out more. Once you’ve found the ideal product for your needs, add it to your basket and proceed to the checkout.

You’ll then have the choice of 24-hour or 48-hour delivery and can pay for your wood underlay via PayPal or credit or debit card.

If you’re unsure which wood floor underlay is best for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Either give us a call on 0203 325 9082 or email, and we’ll be more than happy to guide and advise you.

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